Legacy Specialty Machines

DRILLMAX® has been building machines for over 20 years. Besides the DM250 and DM450, we have built a number of specialty rigs. These include:

  • DM350 Water Well Rig
    • The DRILLMAX® 350 is mounted on a 33,000 gvw with 4×2 or 4×4 option.  The DRILLMAX® 350 is a very fast versatile water well rig.  The rig can be set up to do small 2-in.-4-in. water wells but also capable of drilling the 6-in.-8-in. water wells under 500-ft. deep. 
  • DM400 Water Well Rig
    • The DRILLMAX® 400 is mounted on a single axle 4×4 truck.  It’s short wheel base make a great rig for residential water wells up to 12-in. in diameter or geothermal drilling on tough to get into job sites. 
  • DM2400 Water Well Rig
    • The DRILLMAX® 2400 Water Well & Geothermal Drill Rig is mounted on a 66,000 gvw truck with many options for mud pump and air compressor.  Rated at 1500-ft. and a table opening to set 24-in. casing the rig can be used for water well, geothermal or cathodic protection drilling. 
  • DM2500 Water Well Rig
    • The DRILLMAX® 2500 Water Well & Geothermal Drill Rig is the only tophead drive truck mounted drill rig with a 30” retract table.  With 60,000 lbs of pullback and a 23,000 lb winch that can be 3 parted, the DRILLMAX® 2500 has capabilities of drilling 2000’ deep.  A versatile rig that can be used for large diameter domestic wells or shallow oil and gas. 
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