DRILLMAX® DM450 Water Well Rig

DRILLMAX® 450 Drilling Rig for Residential Water Wells, Commercial Geothermal and Shallow Cathodic Protection Drilling

The DRILLMAX® 450 is a lightweight powerful rig mounted on a 54,000 lb gvw truck for the everyday use on residential water wells, commercial geothermal and shallow cathodic protection drilling.  Mud pump options up to 5 ½ x 8 piston and air compressor options up to 500/200 make this a strong compact unit.  The DRILLMAX® 450 can be equipped with single rod loader and pipe rack.  With a table opening for 16-in. casing and a 12,000 lb winch with 2 part line, this rig is perfect for drilling up to 1000-ft. deep.


Overall Dimensions
Width 102 in. 2,591 mm
Length (transport) 441 in. 11,208 mm
Length (transport) 36.8 ft. 11.21 m
Length (deployed) 396 in. 10,058 mm
Length (deployed) 33.0 ft. 10.1 m
Height (transport) 149 in. 3793 mm
Height (transport) 12.4 ft. 3.79 m
Height (deployed) 493 in. 12,510 mm
Height (deployed) 41.0 ft. 12.51 m
Weight (As typically equipped) 45,300 lbs. 20,548 kg
Drill Mast Positioning
Front outrigger travel 36 in. 91 mm
Rear outrigger travel 36 in. 91 mm
Drill Mast Specifications
Head Travel 312 in. 7,925 mm
Head Travel 26.0 ft. 7.92 m
Head Crowd Force 15,000 lbs. 67 kN
Head Pull Force 25,000 lbs. 111 kN
Head Side shift 16 in. 406 mm
Prime Mover & Hydraulic Specs
Truck International HV607
Engine Cummins L9
Engine Rated Power 350 hp 261 kW
Fuel Capacity 70 gal 265 L
Rotary Drive Options
2-Speed Rotary Drive DMR6
Rotation Torque (LSHT) 4,600 ft-lb. 6,237 N-m
Rotation Speed (HSLT) 330 rpm
Spindle Output API 3.5″ IF
Primary Winch (2-speed)
line pull 12,000 lbf. 53.38 kN
line speed (High speed) 166 fpm. 51 m/min
cable length 135 ft. 41 m
Secondary Winch
line pull 6,800 lbf. 30.25 kN
line speed 130 fpm. 40 m/min
cable length 80 ft. 24 m
Table Opening 16 in. 406 mm
Single Clamp
Breakout torque 6,000 ft-lb. 8,135 N-m

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