DRILLMAX® DM250 Water Well Rig

DRILLMAX® DM250 Water Well Rig for Shallow Water Wells, Capable of Getting into Tight Job Sites

The DRILLMAX® 250 Water Well Rig is the only rig mounted on a truck under CDL requirements that can handle 20-ft. drill pipe.  The perfect rig for 2-in.-6-in. shallow water wells.  The DRILLMAX® 250 can be set up with centrifical or piston mud pump and development air.  Capable of getting in tight job sites without worrying about tearing up drive ways or yards makes this rig a smart choice for everyday use.  Carry up to 300-ft. of drill pipe on board and load rods with the single rod loader.


Overall Dimensions
Width 100 in. 2,540 mm
Length (transport) 359 in. 9,119 mm
Length (transport) 29.9 ft. 9.12 m
Length (deployed) 336 in. 8,534 mm
Height (normal transport) 119 in. 3,023 mm
Height (deployed) 397 in. 10,084 mm
Height (deployed) 33.1 ft. 10.08 m
Base Unit Weight 20,000 lbs. 9,072 lbs
Drill Mast Positioning
Front outrigger travel 26 in. 66 mm
Rear outrigger travel 16 in. 41 mm
Drill Mast Specifications
Head Travel 264 in. 6,706 mm
Head Travel 22 ft. 6.71 m
Head Crowd Force 6,700 lbs. 30 kN
Head Pull Force 12,000 lbs. 53 kN
Head Side shift 12 in. 305 mm
Prime Mover & Hydraulic Specs
Truck Dodge RAM 5500 4 x 4
Engine 6.7L I6 Cummins® Turbo Diesel Engine
Fuel Capacity 52 gal 197 L
Rotary Drive Options
Single-Speed Rotary Drive DMR3HT (Standard)
  Rotation Torque 2185 ft-lb 2962 N-m
  Rotation Speed 245 rpm
  Spindle Adapter API 2.375″ IF
Single-Speed Rotary Drive DMR3HS
  Rotation Torque 1064 ft-lb. 1443 N-m
  Rotation Speed 300 rpm
  Spindle Adapter API 2.375″ IF
Primary Winch
line pull 6,800 lbf. 30.25 kN
line speed 130 fpm. 40 m/min
cable length 80 ft. 24 m
Table Opening 14 in. 356 mm
Single Clamp Breakout torque 6,000 ft-lb. 8,135 N-m

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